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Remembering Charlotte

With heavy hearts we report that our beautiful and talented friend, Charlotte Prevost, passed away on Saturday March 12th 2016. Unfortunately, Charlotte lost her year long battle with cancer.  She was extremely brave and gave it a great fight.
We are of course very upset as Charlotte was not only beautiful in every aspect, but also a very talented scientist, fun-spirited, and a great friend to many in Department of Psychology at Columbia University.  As many of you know, Charlotte was my first postdoc and spent a year in my lab (2012-2013).  She then moved to Geneva to work in Patrik Vuilleumier's lab.  We continued to collaborate and she would keep in touch regularly and keep me updated on her progress.  She had many ups and downs, but always kept a positive attitude.  I will miss her so much, but feel very lucky to have worked with her and call her my friend.
Charlotte, got her PhD at Trinity College, Dublin (working with Prof. John O’Doherty).  I was her external examiner and she passed her PhD with flying colors.  A few months later, she became my postdoc.  I felt very very lucky to have her in my lab, because she could have gone anywhere she wanted. She became good friends with many in the dept. and would organize weekly lunches at various restaurants in New York…she certainly took advantage of being here. Working with Charlotte was a pleasure.  She was the perfect postdoc that both worked and played hard; she was involved in many studies (5 papers...not bad for 1 year!) and her input was extremely valuable.  I have no doubt that she would have gone on to become a superstar in the field of cognitive neuroscience.
Although Charlotte’s passing is tragic, her short life was full of many successes.  She lived in five different countries including France, Ireland, England, Switzerland and the USA (California and New York).  In her zest for life, she visited wonderful places like Australia, Hawaii and many others.  On occasion I had the fortune to hang out with her during her travels.  I remember sitting on the beach of Barcelona drinking beer, having a pint (or more) in Dublin and New York pubs, having a cocktail in San Francisco and coffees in LA. The last time we hung out was in Ascona, Switzerland where, as usual, she expressed her cheeky smile and giggle.  You see, Charlotte was always happy.
Over the last year, Charlotte kept me updated on her treatment progress.  She commented on my posts on Facebook and sent me lovely emails about how happy she was to see pictures of my daughter.  Charlotte, I hope my daughter grows up to be just like you -- caring, happy, intelligent and just wonderful in every aspect!
Charlotte, thank you so much for being my friend…you were and still are, a bright star in sky.  We all will miss you so much.

Dean (on behalf of the Mobbs Lab).
If you have any comments or photos please post them on Charlotte’s Facebook page.


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